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Process Engineer/PD

Position Overview:

The Product Development Process Engineer is responsible for understanding, developing, and owning design tools and documents for novel processes involving fossil fuels and environmental controls systems.  S/he should be comfortable brainstorming and enjoy thinking creatively about how to solve process design issues.  Strong project management skills and an ability to manage multiple deadlines and client demands are required.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and own design tools to calculate flows for various systems, including but not limited to selective catalytic reduction (SCR), selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), coal-to-chemicals, and separated overfired air (SOFA) systems.
  2. Draft process flow diagrams, process & instrument diagrams, and piping diagrams for projects.  Revise and update as required.  Ensure conformance with Chinese and/or US standards.
  3. Draft 2D drawings of processes.  Draft process control documents.  Conduct process hazard reviews.  Complete equipment specifications and work with Project Management to procure equipment.
  4. Support sales for customer meetings.
  5. Work as a team member on a process design team
  6. Work on developing further LP Amina’s unique coal to chemicals technology
  7. Draw and refine process diagrams
  8. Review testing data from installations and help troubleshoot as necessary
  9. Visit field sites to take measurements and help with quality assurance and installation support


  1. Bachelor degree in mechanical, chemical, Boiler or thermal engineering
  2. 6-8 years process design working in process design, preferably with a background in refineries, environmental controls, or chemical process plants
  3. Strong analytical and thermal engineering background
  4. Good communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Good time management skills
  6. Read and write in English of business and technical terminology

Application Details

You can submit an application through our website, through your university’s job portal, or by emailing your materials directly to jobs@lpamina.com  Applications will not be considered unless both items are submitted.


About LP Amina: 

LP Amina is a multinational environmental engineering company with offices in China and the United States.  The company was founded in 2007 and since then has evolved from being a niche supplier of advanced pollution control technologies to Chinese coal-fired power plants to an integrated clean energy solutions provider to a wide range of industries globally, including gas-fired power generation, cement, pulp and paper and industrial chemicals. Additionally, in partnerships with the world’s leading researchers and technology development companies, LP Amina is working to commercialize revolutionary technologies to enable sustainable and economical use of coal for purposes beyond power generation. LP Amina’s technology platform consists of poly-generation solutions that co-produce electric power and high-value chemicals and synthetic crude oil, bringing industries together to maximize the efficient use of world’s natural resources.


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