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Structural Engineer/ED

Position Overview:

Main Responsibilities:

1.Structure design for projects of selective catalyst reduction system (NOx/COx emission control system) projects
2.Work with engineers of boiler plant on design work implementation
3.Carry out preliminary design proposals based on client’s specifications and design codes
4.Design Inlet and Outlet ducts, SCR reactor housings at high temperature; Catalyst Loading and other Access Platforms; Misc. support structures and their foundations
5.Communication with client and clients’ engineers and technicians in US.


1.Bachelor or master degree in Civil Engineering or Structural Dynamics
2.Junior Structural Engineer – Minimum of 2 years experience in structural engineering;
Senior Structural Engineer – Minimum of 5 years experience in “Heavy Industries” structural engineering
3.Preferably working experience in power plant and/or Oil Refineries
4.Knowledge and experience of SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) is advantageous
5.Excellent English communication skills
6.Self-starter and can work under pressure
7.Hold certificate of structural engineering issued by government
8.Must be able to use AutoCAD, RISA 3D and/or STADD Pro Structural engineering program. Revit Structures experience is helpful.

Application Details

You can submit an application through our website, through your university’s job portal, or by emailing your materials directly to jobs@lpamina.com  Applications will not be considered unless both items are submitted.

About LP Amina: 

LP Amina is a multinational environmental engineering company with offices in China and the United States.  The company was founded in 2007 and since then has evolved from being a niche supplier of advanced pollution control technologies to Chinese coal-fired power plants to an integrated clean energy solutions provider to a wide range of industries globally, including gas-fired power generation, cement, pulp and paper and industrial chemicals. Additionally, in partnerships with the world’s leading researchers and technology development companies, LP Amina is working to commercialize revolutionary technologies to enable sustainable and economical use of coal for purposes beyond power generation. LP Amina’s technology platform consists of poly-generation solutions that co-produce electric power and high-value chemicals and synthetic crude oil, bringing industries together to maximize the efficient use of world’s natural resources.

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