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LP Amina’s Joint Venture New Power Generation Pilot in Shanxi visited by US Ambassador

High-tech polygeneration pilot project in Shanxi aims to improve efficiency and China-US strategic cooperation


January 13, 2015 – Yangquan, Shanxi Province: The Joint Venture (JV) between American company LP Amina and Gemeng International Energy (GMIE), developing advanced power generation solutions, received support from US Ambassador Max Baucus today during his tour of the pilot plant in Shanxi Province. The project represents a new model of technology cooperation between the United States and China with specific benefits to the environment.

This first of its kind power plant that significantly cuts emissions and increases efficiency by unifying under one roof two different processes: the generation of electricity and the creation of high value hydrocarbons for building materials. The Ambassador received a first-hand introduction to the groundbreaking technology, which will significantly change the economics and environmental footprint of power plants, as we know them today.
LP Amina’s Polygeneration technology allows the simultaneous production of electric power and carbon efficient building materials, both of which are key feedstock in supporting China’s urbanization and economic growth. Once fully commercialized, the technology will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in excess of 100M tons / year which is equivalent to permanently taking 35 million cars from China’s highways.

“We are very pleased to host Ambassador Baucus and his team at the Hepo facility,” said LP Amina Founder & CEO William Latta, “We believe that strong partnerships are the backbone for tackling complex economic and environmental challenges with solutions that leave a lasting impact. We are proud to highlight our JV with Gemeng and hope that Hepo can serve as a supportive case study for companies, in many industries, looking to establish a mutually-beneficial collaboration model with Chinese partners.”

The plant is undergoing the final stages of commissioning and commercial testing is planned throughout 2015.



About LP Amina

LP Amina is a multinational environmental engineering company with offices in China and the United States. The company was founded in 2007 and since then has evolved from being a niche supplier of advanced pollution control technologies to Chinese coal-fired power plants to an integrated clean energy solutions provider to a wide range of industries globally, including gas-fired power generation, cement, pulp and paper and industrial chemicals. Additionally, in partnerships with the world’s leading researchers and technology development companies, LP Amina is working to commercialize revolutionary technologies to enable sustainable and economical use of coal for purposes beyond power generation. LP Amina’s technology platform consists of poly-generation solutions that co-produce electric power and high-value chemicals and synthetic crude oil, bringing industries together to maximize the efficient use of world’s natural resources.

About Gemeng International Energy Company Limited

Founded in Dec 2007, Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd (GMIE) is a joint venture approved by Ministry of Commerce of PRC and Shanxi Provincial Government. The company’s ownership is shared by five parties including: Shanxi International Energy Group (SIEG), Korea Electric Power Corporation, Deutsche Bank, J-Power and Chugoku Electric Power INC. GMIE, it is the largest JV project in Shanxi, with an asset value exceeding 30 Billion RMB. Since its foundation, GMIE sticks to the ideology of “transitional development”, developing vigorously “Seven Business Sectors” strategy and taking the development of green power and clean energy as its mission. The Company’s total installed generating capacity exceeds 4,420 MWs, and it is currently adding 1,800 MWs of generating capacity.

Media contact
LP Amina: Jamyan Dudka, jamyan.dudka@lpamina.com
Edelman: Jay Yan, jay.yan@edelman.com

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