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Strategic Parnership with Bayer Technology Services

LP Amina & Bayer Technology Services begin Coal to Chemical Collaboration

LP Amina and Bayer Technology Services (BTS) on June 8, 2010 began a collaboration project to improve the commercial competitiveness of the traditional Carbothermic coal to chemical technology used in China. The aims of the project are:

    1. Improve the energy efficiency of the existing Chinese coal-chemical processes by at least 20%
    2. Expand coal feedstocks from the currently used high value coal to lower value lignite coals
    3. Reduce air pollution emission from these process by 90%

LP Amina and BTS have identified a promising opportunity to combine Amina’s energy and environmental expertise with Bayer’s chemical know-how to develop needed technology to serve the needs of the growing Chinese chemical industry with an environmentally friendly, low-cost, local coal-based alternative to the ever-growing need for import of oil and natural gas for use as chemical feedstock.

In recent years, the exhaustion of cheaply accessible oil together with geographical gaps in natural gas availability, as well as the geopolitical uncertainties of many largest oil producers, has contributed to renewed interest in coal chemistry. Clearly chemical feedstock markets without adequate local oil and natural gas supplies particularly need to consider alternatives. China possesses all of the factors suggesting coal chemistry has an important future. China has the 3rd largest coal reserves in the world, but currently imports about half of the oil it requires. China’s natural gas reserves are relatively poor, expensive to produce and are located far from most potential markets. The chemical industry in China is expanding rapidly to meet the demands of a growing industrializing economy, heightening the urgency of improving feedstock competitiveness.

Bayer Technology Services GmbH offers fully-integrated solutions along the life cycle of chemical/pharmaceutical plants – from development through engineering and construction to process optimization for existing plants. The Bayer subsidiary employs almost 2,600 experts worldwide at its headquarters in Leverkusen and other German sites, as well as in regional offices in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

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