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Yixing Biochemical NOx project

LP Amina Helps Biochemical Maker YiXing reduce NOx Pollution by 50%


YiXing-Union Cogeneration is a coal-fired power station located in YiXing city, Jiangsu province. The plant produces both electricity and steam for the YiXing Enterprise’s Biochemical Division. The simultaneous production of electricity and steam, a process known as cogeneration, enhances both energy efficiency and the plant productivity by making use of steam that would otherwise be wasted. YiXing is located just 60 kilometers west of Shanghai in a region which is collectively referred to as the Yangtse River Basin. Dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) YiXing has been famous for it’s teapots, making use of the purple clay mined in the area. In more recent days, the Yangtse River Basin has been among the fastest growing and most economically dynamic regions of China. The region’s influx of people and increased economic activity has however made more necessary the reduction of air pollution from the power plant, while also assuring energy efficiency is maintained.


YiXing-Union Cogeneration contracted LP Amina to help the company reduce the plant’s pollution, nitrous oxide (NOx) particularly, while maintaining or improving the energy efficiency of the plant and limiting YiXing Union’s capital investment. LP Amina drawing on its experience in doing similar upgrades in the United States and Europe performed a comprehensive analysis of the YiXing Union’s Units 8 and 9 power plants. LP Amina engineers in the United States and China developed a plan to modify the plant’s combustion system, better matching air and fuel in the power station’s boilers. LP Amina provided YiXing Union with a comprehensive turnkey solution based on this plan, by custom modification of the plants burners, coal clarifiers and combustion air delivery system. This modification avoided the alternative cost of building a completely new plant and/or erecting an expensive SCR catalytic system to remove NOx pollution from the plant’s exhaust system. As a result of LP Amina’s successful modification, NOx emissions were cut by 50% allowing YiXing to meet it’s target of 300mg/Nm3, particularly impressive in light of the high ash content and variability of YiXing-Union’s coal supply. As an added benefit the plant has enjoyed increased energy efficiency as a result of LP Amina’s unique retrofit technology which maintained Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions 25 parts per million (PPM), well under the industry average of 100 PPM and also reduced the coal wastage indicator


Unburned Carbon (UBC) by 25%, highly unusual for a project of this type which typically sees an increase of UBC.

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